Abecs – ” Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services “, do you know? Before we know who the ” Abecs ” are, let’s understand a bit more about credit card. Making payments without having cash, this is the credit card. As the card we can make payments electronically. This payment template eliminates the use of paper money to make way for a card made of plastic that contains magnetically recorded information and may still have a chip.

The card is personal and non-transferable, so the name of the holder / bearer is on it, it also contains a complete number that identifies the administrator, the flag and the owner of the card, besides the expiration date and, on the back contains a field for client signature and security code.

Currently the credit card can be used to pay almost everything and / or contract services in general. On the contrary, card is an excellent credit tool when used well, but when not used correctly or irresponsibly, the card can transform the life of a common citizen into a real mess.


Card Usage Tips


Card Usage Tips


1 -) Make Payments – Make the payment of the credit card bill always on the due date. If you are programmed to never pay only the invoice minimum, if you can not afford it, pay as much as you can and set the total invoice for the next month. Do not forget that if you pay the minimum of the rotary, all charges, fines and interest will come in the next invoice.

2 -) Purchase Parcel – When making your purchases with installment option, opt for the smaller number of installments. In this way, you will prevent many installments from accumulating, many people wind up because of the accumulation of debts on the card, do not do the same.

3 -) Easy Credit – Do not be fooled, using the card may even seem like credit is easy but it is not, you will have to pay everything you buy or consume with it. The interest and charges are very high in case you have to pay the invoice or use the revolving credit. Currently interest and charges can reach 20% of the remaining value. Honor your debts, bought paid, ready!

If you are in trouble with a card or know credit card tips and rates, Abecs (Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services) has launched the website “Tariffs of the Card” (www.tarifasdocartao.org.br), In it you can find the values ​​collected by the largest banks and companies that issue credit cards in Brazil, the site makes it easy to consult and compare rates in a simple, fast and without frills.


Who is Abecs?


Who is Abecs?

Abecs (Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services) supports and operates in the card market for more than 3 decades contributing to the sustainable development of the sector. Abecs is comprised of the main issuers, banners, credentials and processors of credit, debit, store and benefits cards, our objective is to assist in the process of strengthening and expanding the category, representing its participants with the market, public power in their various bodies, consumer protection agencies and Brazilian society as a whole.

Want to check card rates? Just click on the “fees by institution” menu and then choose the name of the bank or companies that you want to obtain the information, the system returns with the page containing the annuity values ​​and each service offered by the various types of cards per issuer.

Another interesting page of Abecs , is the hotsite of the campaign for financial education of the association, the content is aimed at helping the consumer and small retailers (www.abecs.org.br/), the site has several videos with the presentation of Regina Casé as an interlocutor, the campaign aims at the right stimulus for consumers to learn to make their conscious buying decisions, and teaches them to take care of their finances using credit cards as their best ally. Check out the Abecs video .